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The Village School



In 1736 the Rev. John Browne by his will gave £100 for a schoolmistress. However, it was not until the 1840s that a village school opened. The school building is the current village hall. By the 1890s, the school had attendance figures of 35-40 pupils, drawing children from the village, the three Lodge farms to the north, and from Redhill, all a mile or two distant. Attendance was not compulsory, and depended on the weather and whether the children were needed to help at home or on the farm. The school closed in 1939 owing to dwindling numbers, but was reused for a short period during the war as a school for the 11 evacuee children in the village.




















There is further information and some nice anecdotes from the 1930s in Dan Pinnock's booklet 'Orwell's Life in Wallington', [ISBN 978 0 9565052 3 1] which is available from St Mary's Church in Wallington. 

Wallington Village Hall is in the old school building

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